About WhatNow.Solutions

Chances are, you searched teen alcohol abuse or substance abuse, or young adult drug abuse and stumbled on this blog. I am a parent and friend to people whose families and friends have been touched by substance abuse. The challenge for anyone who needs help is to move quickly to find the best, most insightful, most trustworthy information on what to do, where to go, and who to trust with proper diagnosis, recovery programs or steps, and legal options, if a law enforcement event triggered a consequence for substance abuse behaviors.

Like most people, I have witnessed teens, young adults, and their families struggle with alcohol and other drugs, from a “one off” consequence for underage drinking, to a substance-fueled suicide. Where do we turn for advice when substances upset our families?

  • How do we get our kids properly diagnosed?
  • How do we get them healthy and emotionally stable?
  • Who do we trust to keep our pain private?
  • How do we get over feelings of remorse, shame, or hurt when we go through a bumpy family relationship?

WhatNow.Solutions can help parents, family members and young adults find best-in-class information, resources and coping skills when they have been impacted by substance abuse. This way, they can make rapid, informed decisions about the actions they want or need to take for themselves, and their loved ones.

About Ann Lally


Greetings, I’m Ann Lally.

Former marketing communications exec at marketing firms Ogilvy, JWT and Edelman Worldwide, with a longstanding passion to help people who have a difficult time helping themselves when substance abuse and related mental illness have become obstacles to healthy lifestyles.

Professionally, I’ve marketed big national brands and nonprofits. Personally, I’ve been engaged with organizations like UGA Fontaine Center for Recovery and Counseling, Skyland Trail, Tuesday’s Children, Lionheart School and Goodwill Industries.

So why did I launch WhatNow.Solutions? A loved one experienced a substance abuse issue and thankfully, recovered from it. I know firsthand the fear, anger and helplessness that can drain you emotionally and financially in the addiction journey.  I’ve used my experience to help others rebound from crises that arose in their families. I understand the sense of urgency and frustration people have when an event caused by alcohol or other drugs forces them to ask, what is really going on? What can I do about it? What Now?

I am not a counselor or therapist. I’m a concerned parent and member of our community. I’ve witnessed the confusion and exasperation people in crisis experience when they try to help a loved one overcome substance abuse. My goal is to provide “best in class” insightful, relevant information and guidance on treatment options that you can put to work to make an informed decision about what to do next. If you need help for someone with a substance abuse issue now, then this blog is for you.

At least twice a week I write new posts. I typically post two times a week, occasionally more. To make sure you don’t miss any, you can subscribe via email. It’s quick, easy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

My Biography

I am a former partner and account director at JWT and Ogilvy Advertising.

My career began in public relations in New York and I then moved to Atlanta with my husband to work at a large regional advertising agency and raise our two sons. I worked on a variety of large national brands like Starwood Hotels, Orkin and McCormick Spices and as a marketing consultant for entrepreneurs and mid-size businesses. I enjoy writing and my articles have been published in the Long Island sections of The New York Times, Hotel Motel Management and Buckhead Reporter.

My Contact Information

You can contact me at annlally1@gmail.com.

View my full LinkedIn Profile at this link.